Crimping Lease Program

Save Time, Money and Increase Sales with Our Crimping Lease Program

The Schaibley Company Crimping Leasing Program is a service we offer to established dealers in which we will place a crimping machine (owned by Schaibley) in the customer’s facility for their use as long as the dealer purchases a set dollar amount of hose and crimp on fittings each year.

Who can sign up for this?

Anyone can apply for the program, however the following requirements must be met:

  1. $7500 dollars a year in hose and crimp on fittings must be purchased from the Schaibley Company (Does not include shipping costs).
  2. Dealers must be in one of the surrounding states of Ohio. (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Kentucky, or Pennsylvania.)
  3. Dealer must be an established customer for one year of the Schaibley Company and have a strong track record of business with Schaibley.
  4. Dealer must complete an application form to be reviewed by Schaibley
  5. Upon acceptance into the program, dealer must sign a contractual agreement that if any of the terms or policies are violated the Schaibley Company retains the right to repossess the crimping machine.

How does it help dealers?

Almost every piece of machinery used in agriculture utilizes some sort of hydraulics. Hydraulic lines are susceptible to weather, aging, and damage due to everyday use and the high pressure fluids they transport. The ability to make hydraulic hoses in house accomplishes generally 3 things: Convenience, Revenue, and Cost Savings.

Convenience- When a customer walks in with a blown hose which has him stopped in the field, a dealer can simply make a new hose or repair the old without having to send the customer elsewhere. This means the customers gets up and running in optimal time.

Revenue – Making hoses is a great way to generate extra revenue. Hoses come in many lengths and sizes which adds extra business for your company.

Cost Saving – no longer does a dealer’s mechanics have to send hoses off to be repaired or replaced. This saves money the hose itself and the cost involved with shipping and time.

How does a dealer get access to this?

As stated above, there are certain stipulations that need to be met before we allow such a contractual agreement. If a dealer wishes to apply, they can fill out a The Crimping Lease Program Application below. The application can then be submitted and after reviewing, Schaibley will contact you.