Agricultural Education

What is the Schaibley Agricultural Education Program?

The Schaibley Company understands that agriculture has been, and always will be, a major part of life. Therefore, our company holds a very strong value in the importance of Agricultural Education. With that in mind, it is our goal to support programs that encourage and teach Agricultural Education with a very hands on approach Being a small, home-grown business, we also support Entrepreneurship.

Why is it important to the company?

Being a family owned company, the Schaibley company comes from a long line of past farmers. Agriculture has been embedded in our DNA and it’s importance branded into our business culture. Agriculture is a field that will always be needed to sustain life. The field produces food, fuel, medicines, chemicals, and more. Virtually every day anyone can come across an item that is the product of agriculture. This known fact entails a certain responsibility, a responsibility to educate our youth on the importance of Agriculture so that they may carry on the tradition of sustaining life through its benefits. In addition, we firmly believe that entrepreneurship is the backbone of the United States economy and developing young entrepreneurs is the quickest route to a stronger economy.

How can others get involved?

In order to complete our mission of supporting Agricultural Education, the Schaibley Company offers the “SAE” Program. The SAE program is a a fundraiser for Agricultural Programs, or other programs, who wish to partner with the Schaibley Co.

How it works

Schaibley Company acts as a supplier to the students or members involved in the program who sell product to their local farmers. The students or members are offered a discounted price in order to accommodate a substantial margin which is then given to the organization. The process is simple and easy and a great way to raise money for you local organization while promoting education and entrepreneurship.

Become an SAE program partner