About Us

Schaibley – Our History

Our Small town values and great customer service serves as the cornerstone of our business.

The Schaibley Company was established in the 1950’s by the Schaibley Brothers as the family business. Operating with just two men, the brothers would go on the road and sell their hardware and grease guns at local fairs and Vaudville shows.

After 20 successful years the brothers were ready to retire. Schaibley Company was sold and split into two, with Mr. Roller from Bowling Green purchasing the Ohio-Michigan territory and Mr. Nausbum from Frankfort, Indiana acquiring the the Indiana-Illinois territory.

In 1995, Tim Baden purchased Mr. Roller’s half (acquiring the Ohio-Michigan territory). In 1998, he bought out Mr. Nausbum (Indiana and Illinois territory). The transaction restored the 4 state area and returned Schaibley Company to its original state, once again putting it under a family owner. After much thought, Tim decided it was best to retain the Brothers’ name for the company because of its notoriety and history.

The business, located in Continental, Ohio, was first housed in a 1,200 square foot polebarn. In 2006, a new 6,000 square foot warehouse was built in order to serve our dealers with a wider variety of inventory. We currently are in that facility and growing daily with our e-commerce site opening up our market area worldwide.

As a family owned business, we strive to bring our dealers that personal touch and customer service they have expected from the Schaibley Company for the past 60 plus years. Owned by Tim and Cindy Baden, who have strong backgrounds and working knowledge of the Farming and Automotive Industry, they have been able to maximize their personal talents to serve dealers and customers with very best availability of parts and service as needed.

Our Values

Our values come from historic business culture where a handshake means more than a piece of paper and a man’s word is everything. Our family owned company still believes in that personal feel that comes with face to face business and hope to portray that in every aspect of our structure. We also believe in offering the best prices available and treating every customer fair because we value every sale, no matter how small or large, the same way.

Our Mission Statement

The Schaibley Company and its family strive to provide agricultural equipment dealers with quality agricultural products and excellent service all year round while driving to become the leading supplier in the Midwestern Corn belt.

 With our backgrounds and working knowledge of the Farming and Automotive Industry,

we have been able to maximize our personal talents to serve our dealers and customers with the

 very best availability of parts and service.